Pam Greenway, MCD,CCC-SLP

Pam is an entrepreneur & a creative at heart. She is the business owner & operator of Greenway Strategies. Pam is a motivational speaker with 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She utilizes her leadership experience to help develop & grow individuals &teams. She does this by targeting leadership development, team building, effective communication skills & promotions in 1:1 & group settings. Pam gives each participant the tools necessary through her trainings/workshops to get them to the next level of success.

She is the Founder & Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Creations: Art Without Labels. KC is a Non-Profit Art Charity bringing disabled artists together with non-disabled artists to experience the power of creativity. Where the major focus is placed on “abilities” & not “disabilities.” She is also currently the Promotions Director for Giovanni Designs of Colorado Springs, CO.

All of which brings us to the purpose of The Pam Greenway Show which is to simply motivate and inspire people in business and life. We’ll be highlighting individuals in the community & globally who are creatives via interviews. Each guest will share their journey, passions, struggles, tips & successes. We want our program to be highly interactive and we will be using social media to help make that happen. If we can inspire, educate, activate & motivate our listeners to take consistent action toward their dreams…to make the appropriate shifts required on a daily basis & to maintain a flexibility in their thinking as they move toward their goals…we will feel we have met our purpose for the day.

Join us on Thursdays at 11am MST for your weekly dose of inspiration!

**For more information regarding leadership training & or workshops contact Pam at or 870-219-2395.


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