Robin Stephenson, M.Ed

After a very successful career in the education field, Robin became an entrepreneur and quickly discovered she didn't have all the knowledge she needed to establish a successful entrepreneurial business. Since Robin didn't want her business to be just one more small business failure statistic, she did what any good educator would do, and ​that was to become an ​avid learner and fast!

 Over the next four years, Robin’s research and personal business experiences revealed three areas of support an ​entrepreneur really needs to establish a successful business: (1) Business Development Support, (2) Administrative Assistance, and (3) Entrepreneurial Education.  Robin and her team created all three support services and share them through V-SuitesCS.

 If you are a solo-preneur or small business owner and you need help, V-SuitesCS will do all they can to support you or help you find the right person that can meet your needs. If you can't find what you need on the website, please contact Robin and she will personally listen to your request and provide you with ​her own personal recommendation.


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