John Redmon


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Since age 5, John Redmon has had a deep love and appreciation for music. His mother, Cynthia Redmon, an accomplished pianist, took him under her wing and taught him the musical art, encouraging him to play alongside of her in various church services. By age 12, he was not only being encouraged by his mother and other piano instructors to play both by ear and sight, but also to compose original works.

By 1995 Redmon decided to not just compose but house his original works within his own independent record label and named the company Reaching Records. The purpose was to ‘reach and touch hearts around the world.’ For the next twenty years, he did just that by producing and releasing multiple projects on his label that gained national and international attention and recognition, including: A Woman's Journey, John Redmon & Friends: Faith, Love and Unity, Vols 1, 1.1, S'Agapo (I Love You), and Thank You Lord (Story of the Shunamite Woman).

Redmon has toured all over the United States and England with his inspirational messages found in both word and song. He testifies and we believe that his latter days are going to be greater than his past.