D.Focis (Pronounced Dee Fo-kiss) is a music Artist/Producer from Detroit, Michigan. As an artist he has released 4 albums; The Believe EP (2013), Title Goes Here (2014), He Says She Says (2015) and his most recent XXL Freshman Vol 1 Stating my Case (2015)

D.Focis' music is a refreshing blend of Hip Hop and R&B, that focuses on everything from relationship issues to personal struggles. The introspective and positive nature of his music often leads to comparisons with other artists such as J.Cole, Common, Kanye West (pre 808's and Heartbreaks) However, after a careful listen, one will recognize the clear difference in the music. "I'm from the Midwest, so my musical style is to have no style...just music" says D.Focis.


As a producer, D.Focis has been a busy man the last 10 years, having produced over 100 published titles worldwide. His US resume includes artist such as Killer Mike, Aloe Blacc, Nappy Roots, Arrested Development and many others.




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